Vehicles collides into residence, only causes minor injuries

On Saturday, August 29th, 2020, shortly before 5:30 am, the Turlock Police Department received a call reporting that a vehicle had collided into a residence in the 700 block of E Linwood Ave. The Turlock Police Department and American Medical Response responded. Additionally, the Turlock Fire Department responded with Battalion 4, Engine 31, and Squad 32. Engine 31 arrived on scene at around 5:35 am. Upon their arrival, they reported a single vehicle upright into the residence. Captain 31 assumed Linwood command and put Engine 31 in the investigation mode.

Squad 32 arrived on scene shortly after. Upon their arrival, they utilized their specialty equipment and training to shore up the house to prevent further structural collapse. A large portion of the front of the residence sustained major damage. Only minor injuries were sustained. One patient was transported by American Medical Response as a result of those injuries. An exact cause of the collision remains unknown, however, “It appears speed was likely a factor in the crash”, said Turlock Police Sergeant Michael Parmley.

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