Friday afternoon dog walk results in injuries

On Friday, March 5th, 2021, at approximately 4:15 pm, the Turlock Police Department received a call of a stabbing that had just occurred in the 500 block of Angelus St. Officers responded and arrived on scene within minutes.

Upon their arrival, they located two victims, a man with a dog bite and another with a minor stab wound. The one with the stab wound was transported to a local area hospital.

Officers began investigating and learned that a dog owner had taken his three year old pit bull out for a walk when its leash broke and it got loose. The dog ran to a nearby individual and bit his leg when a third individual picked up a garden hand tool to stop the dog. However, in the ruckus, the dog’s owner was stabbed with tool.

Animal Services placed the dog on a 10 day quarantine at home to make sure the bite didn’t transmit rabies.

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