Shots fired early Sunday morning after large fight

On Sunday, May 16th, 2021, at approximately 12:15 am, the Turlock Police Department received multiple calls of a shooting that had just occurred at the Assyrian American Civic Club located at 2618 N Golden State Blvd. Callers reported that someone in a black Dodge Charger had fired off several shots in the parking lot and then fled the scene.

Officers arrived on scene within minutes and located evidence of the shooting. At least two rounds had ricocheted and struck an unoccupied vehicle in the parking lot. No injuries were reported at the time. A few hours earlier, a large fight had broken out inside the hall at an event believed to be a wedding reception and made its way out to the parking lot. Officers had responded to that as well, but all involved parties were gone on arrival. Officers were unable to obtain or view any video footage at the time and will be conducting a follow up in the near future.

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