Firefighter aids in arrest of robbery suspect Thursday afternoon

On Thursday, May 27th, 2021, at approximately 2:30 pm, an on-duty Turlock Fire Captain driving in the Walmart Neighborhood Market parking lot located at 2480 Geer Rd was flagged down by an employee of the business about a robbery that had just occurred. The employee pointed out the suspect, later identified as Karl Zamora, 35, of Turlock. The Fire Captain followed Zamora and radioed for assistance.

The Fire Captain was able to keep eyes on Zamora until officers could arrive and take him into custody on N Denair Ave near North Ave. Zamora had allegedly concealed merchandise in a bag while inside the business and attempted to leave without paying. At that point, a store employee approached him and asked for the items back, but Zamora responded by pulling away and threatening him. Prior to officers taking Zamora into custody, he discarded some items, which included the stolen merchandise and a knife.

Zamora was booked into the Stanislaus County Public Safety Center on charges of robbery, concealing a dirk or dagger, and violation of probation.

Karl Zamora


  • Great job by everyone…………especially how the Fire Captain handled it


    • Really good job a big Shout out to the fire department captain and T.P.D for quick response thinking I met this individual during a ride share with Angel’s non emergency medical Transportation the driver who picked me up would tell me we need to pick up karl zomora from the sunrise motel off of 20th century he would jump in the back seat put on his headphones and never a word not even when I would say good morning to him or anything this guy was mysterious my gut feeling told me to stay clear of him to not make friends I stopped riding with Angel’s Transportation when I found out that karl was staying at the sunrise free his parole was paying for his room do to just been released from prison positive for covid-19 this is ca way of releasing covid-19 inmates back into society well the good news hes not wasting tax payers money no longer for free rent at the motel and he isn’t putting no body out here at risk for being positive for covid-19 once again good job to all parties who helped catch this guy putting him back to where he just gotten released from …!😁👍


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