Juvenile arrested after shooting person with BB device on CSUS campus Sunday afternoon

On Sunday, October 17th, 2021, at 4:39 pm, the Stanislaus State Police Department was dispatched to a reported aggravated assault that had just occurred near the Music building at California State University Stanislaus, 1 University Cir, Turlock. The caller reported that a juvenile on a bicycle riding with two of his friends had just shot him with a BB gun and took off westbound on W Monte Vista Ave from campus.

As an officer was checking the area, he located the three juveniles on N Walnut Rd near W Monte Vista Ave. He stopped one of them which just happened to be the one involved in the shooting. The juvenile told the officer that he had a Gel Orbeez toy gun that shot gel pellets which was what he used to shoot the victim with.

The victim did not want to prosecute for the assault so the juvenile was arrested and released to his mother on a citation on charges of willfully discharging a BB device with negligence.

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