Fourth of July 2022 proves to be another busy one for police and fire

Fourth of July this year proved to be another busy one for police and fire personnel, with tons of calls for illegal fireworks and fires.

The Turlock Police Department had six extra officers on-duty during the night working a special detail for illegal fireworks enforcement. Over 170 calls reporting illegal fireworks were received, however, only 21 of those calls resulted in administrative citations being issued, as officers can only issue citations for violations committed in their presence.

Administrative citations for illegal fireworks under Turlock Municipal Code section 4-3-411 can range from anywhere between $100 and $1,000, depending on how many previous citations have been issued to the same offender within the past year. They can be issued to the person discharging them or in possession of them, as well as to any responsible party for a property where they are discharged or possessed.

The Turlock Fire Department responded to 13 fires during the night between 7:45 pm and 1:09 am.  Five were grass fires, five were trash fires, two were fence fires, and one was a house fire.

The house fire was caused by Safe and Sane fireworks discarded in a trash can placed up against the residence. A separate article containing more details about it will be published.

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