Officers rescue submerged teen from Turlock High swimming pool Friday night

On Friday, August 19th, 2022, at 11:50 pm, the Turlock Fire Department, Turlock Police Department, and American Medical Response were dispatched to a rescue at Turlock High School, 1600 E Canal Dr, Turlock, after it had been reported that a teenager had drowned and was submerged at the bottom of the swimming pool with his friends unable to get him out.

Officers were the first to arrive on scene and immediately sprung into action, entering the pool, removing the teen, and beginning chest compressions on him. Firefighters and paramedics arrived on scene shortly thereafter and took over chest compressions, eventually ground transporting him to a local hospital.

It’s currently unknown how exactly the teen had drowned and become submerged, however, he was a runaway hanging out with his friends, at least one of which was also a runaway. The group had unlawfully gained access to the school’s closed swimming pool by unknown means.

The teen’s status remains unknown.

The investigation remains on-going.

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