Man arrested on felony warrant while riding motorcycle with six-year-old daughter Thursday night

On Thursday, November 17th, 2022, at 8:34 pm, a Turlock Police officer near the intersection of W Linwood Ave and S Kilroy Rd, Turlock, observed a motorcycle violate the California Vehicle Code, so he made a traffic stop on it.

The officer made contact with the motorcyclist and identified him as Brian Weisser, 37, of Turlock. Weisser also had his 6-year-old daughter on the motorcycle with him.

When the officer had his dispatcher run Weisser, he returned with three bench warrants. The first one was a $35,500 felony one out of Modesto for auto theft and possession of a stolen vehicle, the second one was a $5,500 misdemeanor one out of Modesto for driving without a valid driver’s license, driving or leaving standing an unregistered vehicle, and altering or forging a vehicle registration document or item with the intent to defraud, and the third one was a $5,500 misdemeanor one out of Stanislaus County for reporting to a peace officer or prosecutor that a crime has been committed, knowing the report to be false.

Weisser was arrested and booked into the Stanislaus County Public Safety Center on his warrants.

Weisser’s daughter was transported by officers to her mother who was staying at a nearby motel.

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