Motorcyclist dies after clipping vehicle while lane splitting at a high rate of speed Tuesday morning

On Tuesday, April 4th, 2023, at 7:52 am, the California Highway Patrol, Keyes Fire Protection District, and American Medical Response were dispatched to a reported vehicle collision with injuries northbound State Route 99 just north of E Keyes Rd, Keyes.

When crews arrived on scene, they found three vehicles involved. The first was a 2023 Kawasaki motorcycle, the second was a 2010 Kia Soul, and the third was a 2015 Ford Fusion.

The motorcyclist, later identified as Ireland Rolon, 24, of Hughson, suffered major injuries which she succumbed to at the scene. The drivers of the other two vehicles, a 40-year-old woman of Merced and a 23-year-old woman of Turlock, were uninjured.

Officers began investigating and determined that Rolon had been splitting lanes at a high rate of speed while traveling northbound when she clipped the right front side of Soul. The collision propelled Rolon and her motorcycle forward into the back of the Fusion, before Rolon was ejected from her motorcycle and came to final rest in the middle of the freeway lanes.

Rolon was wearing a helmet at the time of the collision. It’s currently unclear if alcohol or drugs were a factor in the collision.


  • I feel such sorrow when I read of someone dieing due to a motorcycle accident…But reading & picturing how it happened saddens me deeply.. I feel bad for her parents & any family she has..


  • Russell Wagenman’s

    Yes the same for me, reading about motorcycle accidents and experiencing
    All the things that could go wrong, around
    Others who are distracted and really should
    not be behind a wheel, I decided to sell
    my motorcycle and call it quits, to many
    close calls, eventually the percentages will
    Catch up with you.


  • I heard that. I rode the streets for a few years, and while splitting lanes but not at a high rate of speed 25 or 30 mph I had a car switch lanes in front of me. I flew about 6 feet in the air and 25 or 30 feet on the ground. I got lucky in that I only severely bruised my hip. My bike however needed some repairs. Also once had a guy in a Ford LTD turn left in front of me over dble yellow lines and again over the bars I went. I keep thinking I want another bike, there’s a freedom on two wheels not found in a car.


  • I can’t tell you how many people I knew killed in motorcycle accidents. Too many things can go wrong.The roads are terrible with lack of maintenance, a dog could run out in front of you, and too many people on the road not paying attention. Just to name a few. It’s not worth it, helmet are not enough.


  • There is really no reason for lne splitting and definitely not at a high rate of speed. I understand motorcycle Police Officers using lane splitting as an effective way to reach a scene of a traffic collision. You won’t find many if any Motorcycle Police Officers slitting traffic except when needed to reach a scene expeditiously. Civilian motorcycle riders have no reason to lane split. To many variables are exposed when lane splitting.


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