Man arrested with fentanyl after being reported as suspicious person early Friday morning

On Friday, April 7th, 223, at 1:30 am, the Turlock Police Department and Stanislaus State Police Department were dispatched to a reported suspicious person at Dutch Bros Coffee, 1201 W Monte Vista Ave, after two men had been seen looking into the closed business.

When officers arrived on scene, they found and contacted the two men, including Joseph Yonan, 35, of Turlock. An additional man was also contacted who had been seen dumpster diving, however, he was lectured about the municipal code violation and released after it was determined that he was not associated with Yonan and the other man.

Officers had their dispatcher run the two and they discovered that Yonan was on searchable probation for possession of nunchakus, so they conducted a probation search. During the search, Yonan was found to be in possession of fentanyl.

Yonan was arrested and released on a citation on the charge of possession of a controlled substance.

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