Two women found by security overdosing in vehicle with child early Wednesday morning

On Wednesday, May 10th, 2023, at 12:55 am, the Turlock Police Department, Turlock Fire Department, and American Medical Response were dispatched to a security check at Ross, 2405 Geer Rd, Turlock, after security had found two unconscious women in a vehicle with a child who both appeared to be overdosing and having difficulty breathing.

When crews arrived on scene, they began loudly pounding on the vehicle’s windows, however, neither of the two women woke up. Officers were able to eventually open the vehicle’s doors and pulled both women and the child, a one-year-old, out of the vehicle.

Both women were transported by American Medical Response to a local hospital for treatment of overdose symptoms, with a firefighter accompanying one of the ambulance crews to provide extra manpower due to one of the women’s condition.

Officers began investigating and located evidence of narcotics use in plain view within the vehicle.

The one-year-old was determined to belong to one of the women and she was admitted to the hospital for treatment.

The one-year-old was transported by officers to a local hospital for medical clearance and was determined to have not been affected by anything. He was taken into protective custody and turned over to the Stanislaus County Community Services Agency’s Child & Family Services Division.

The one-year-old’s mother was also served with an emergency protective order and criminal charges will be sought against her.

“Had Ontel Security not located the involved parties when they did, this could have potentially been an overdose death investigation,” said Turlock Police Sergeant Michael Parmley.

The investigation remains ongoing. Anyone with information that could assist in it is encouraged to call Officer Zachary Schell at 209-668-1200.


  • What was this mother thinking ..get clean do everything cps tells u to do don’t wait til tomorrow get into a program TODAY most important thing is don’t trust cps


    • If she does what you suggested there is zero reasons to distrust CPS. Get help, be proactive, be healthy. Glad everyone is safe and okay and has a chance to fix this


      • Thank. God for babe was found in time so for the woman. Folks that is such a erresponcible behaviour to do. Drugs with a. Child present they do not want to. Stop their behaviour so sad. Thank you. Security. Guard and the quick. Reaction of. Police..


  • Ron Bridegroom

    We should have more private security patrols throughout our community as we do not have enough Police Patrols. More “eyes”, IMO would help reduce crime and situations like this. I mentioned this at one council meeting and got the idea immediately shot down by the Mayor and Police Chief.


  • The hearts pain we feel is not felt by the addict. Opioid addicts have no feelings. They are numb. It is so terribly sad when they’re on the brink of death and still trying to get higher. When it Is your child you do.everything you know possible to help them. You go through years of pain and guilt beating yourself up. Nothing you do seems to help. Watching your child wither away slowly and not being able to make them change is a cruel reality. Help will not come until they seek it. What can I do after 15 years of watching my beautiful daughter slowly dying.


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