Driver attempts to flee injury collision, stopped by bystander

On Saturday, September 19th, 2020, at approximately 7:45 pm, the Turlock Police Department received a call of an injury vehicle collision on E Christofferson Pkwy just east of N Olive Ave. The Turlock Police Department responded alongside American Medical Response. The Turlock Fire Department also responded with Battalion 4, Engine 33, and Engine 34.

Engine 33 arrived on scene shortly after 7:50 pm. Captain 33 reported two vehicles involved, assumed Christofferson command, and put Engine 33 in the investigation mode. He also told the other responding units to continue until patient contact was made. Officers as well as paramedics also both arrived, as well as other fire units.

There was only one patient who sustained minor injuries and was transported by American Medical Response. Both vehicles sustained moderate to major damage and both had airbag deployment.

A bystander reported that one of the vehicles attempted to flee the scene, however, was stopped by them. Due to the fact that they were stopped, they were not charged with hit and run. The collision remains under investigation. A rumor had spread around social media that this was caused by a drunk driver, however, that is not the case. Both vehicles were towed per the owner’s requests, and the scene was cleared at approximately 8:45 pm.

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