SUV crashes into moped, killing rider

On Sunday, September 20th, 2020, at approximately 9:45 pm, the Turlock Police Department received a call of an injury vehicle collision involving a moped in the intersection of W Main St and N Washington Rd. The Turlock Police Department and American Medical Response responded, as well as the Turlock Fire Department with Battalion 4, Squad 32, and Engine 34.

Officers arrived on scene within two minutes to find a citizen doing CPR on the victim. Officers took over CPR until medical could arrive. Squad 32 arrived on scene at approximately 9:50 pm, as well as American Medical Response. Captain 32 assumed Main command and put Squad 32 in the investigation mode. Firefighters and paramedics began providing patient care, relieving officers from doing CPR. It was then determined that this was actually just out of city limits, so the California Highway Patrol and Turlock Rural Fire District were called out.

American Medical Response loaded the patient onto their ambulance and began the trip to a local hospital, with two Turlock firefighters on Squad 32 accompanying them to provide extra assistance with patient care.

The driver of the other vehicle remained on scene and was cooperative with police. The patient later died at the hospital. He was identified as Miguel Naranjo, 38, of Turlock. The moped did not have the proper lighting equipment to be driven on the road, as required by the California Vehicle Code.

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