Drunk driver arrested after blatantly running stale red light in front of officer early Sunday morning

On Sunday, September 11th, 2022, at 3:09 am, a Turlock Police officer near O’Reilly Auto Parts, 1601 Lander Ave, Turlock, observed a vehicle blatantly run a stale red light in front of him, so he made a traffic stop on it.

The officer made contact with the vehicle’s driver, Luis Rueda Doval, 22, of Turlock, and noticed that he was exhibiting objective symptoms of being under the influence, so he removed him from the vehicle.

The officer asked Doval if he would be willing to participate in standardized field sobriety tests, which he agreed to and did.

The officer then asked Doval if he would be willing to blow into a preliminary alcohol screening device, which he also agreed to and did.

Ultimately, based on the objective symptoms Doval was exhibiting, the fact that there was an open alcohol container in his vehicle, his performance in the standardized field sobriety tests, the results of the preliminary alcohol screening device, the fact that he had just blatantly ran a stale red light in front of an officer, his statements, the officer’s training and experience, and the totality of the circumstances, the officer determined that Doval was under the influence of alcohol.

Doval was arrested and provided an evidentiary breath sample at the scene as required by California’s implied consent law. The results of the breath sample revealed that Doval had a blood alcohol content of .08 or greater.

Doval was arrested and booked into the Stanislaus County Public Safety Center on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and driving with a blood alcohol content of .08 or greater. He was also issued an administrative driver’s license suspension order by the California Department of Motor Vehicles and his vehicle was impounded.

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