Man with felony assault warrant arrested after trying to trick officers about identity early Wednesday morning

On Wednesday, May 24th, 2023, at 1:15 am, a Turlock Police officer near Planet Fitness, 1360 W Main St, Turlock, observed a man driving a vehicle violate the California Vehicle Code, so he made a traffic stop on him.

The officer made contact with and identified the vehicle’s driver, who gave a driver’s license that he had somehow managed to obtain using an alias name and date of birth.

When the officer had his dispatcher run the man using the driver’s license, the name and date of birth popped up as an alias on a $50,000 local felony warrant of arrest for assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm for Daniel Vasquez, 48, of Turlock.

Vasquez denied the warrant being for him or going by Daniel, however, after some extensive digging, officers were able to find that the fingerprints the DMV had on file for the driver’s license that had been produced matched those of the person with the warrant.

Vasquez was arrested and booked into the Stanislaus County Public Safety Center on his warrant.

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